Movie The Day Will Come 2016

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Genre: Drama
Director: Jesper W. Nielsen
Cast: Lars Mikkelsen, Sophie Grobёl, Harald Hermann Kaiser, Albert Rudbeck Lindhardt, Skovgor Laurids Andersen, Lars Ranta, Søren Satter-Lassen, David Densik, Sonja Richter, Solborg Hёyfeldt

The events of the drama “The day will come,” takes place in 1967. The film tells the story of two inseparable brothers – Eric and Elmer. The boys were sent to boarding Gudberg soon after their single mother is seriously ill. Life in the orphanage was savory. The director Heck its dictatorial laws, and violence and humiliation are commonplace. The boys soon realize that they have lost their freedom, and try to resist the cruel “ruler.” At the same time, children conceive run.
The film is based on real events and existed in a boarding reality where parenting practices were so cruel that some of the former students have filed a lawsuit against the state. The film shows not only a dark and oppressive history, but also tells of the hope in the bright and beautiful and o inviolability of spiritual forces.

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